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UAE Talent Search

Do you have what it takes to be the next Tom Daley? 


DuDive is working with schools across Dubai to unearth the next generation of sporting champions. If you think you have what it takes, fill out our enquiry form to arrange an assessment session. 

This initiative has been running since early 2016, and we were excited to have one of our very first diver's selected in Time Out Dubai Kids! Read the full article here.


Things are still going strong, since September 2017 we have assessed over 3,000 children! To get your school involved in this fantastic initiative contact Toby at

What is the UAE TID Project?

The UAE TID Project is a school based talent identification programme for the Olympic sport of diving. The TID Project involves special Talent Identification (TID) testing of pupils, by experienced diving coaches, taking place in your school sports hall or gymnasium. The testing will be delivered in a fun and challenging way, ensuring all of the pupils will enjoy the experience of taking part. This is a unique sporting opportunity that could potentially lead to future sporting champions unearthed from your school. It doesn’t cost a penny, and there is very little effort required from the school.

Why do Talent Identification?

Many children identified through TID programmes are unaware of the natural talent that they possess. Diving requires skills and abilities that may not shine in regular PE sports such as Rugby, Football or Netball. Through fun TID testing, we can make children more aware of their hidden talents and provide them with the opportunity to develop them.

Who to Test?

The targeted years for testing are school years one, two, three, and four. If you feel you have any ‘sporty’ pupils in Year 2, particularly those who take part in gymnastics or dance, we would also like to accommodate them in the testing.


What is involved?

We are aware of the hectic schedules your school faces; hence our aim is to make this initiative as easy as possible. All that is required by the school is:


  1. To allow qualified diving and trampoline coaches to take a 30-40 minute Physical Education lesson in your gym/sports hall, for children in Years 3, 4 & 5. Each class is taken separately.

  2. Provide us with a suitable day and time for the testing, and provide a class register for each class on the day we visit your school.

  3. For the class teacher to hand out letters to all children after the lesson has finished.

The Assessment

The testing is all dry-land based and focuses on jump, coordination, re-bound agility and flexibility. Testing all pupils and classes within the targeted grades ensures no one is overlooked and that everybody has the opportunity to be a part of the initiative.

Following the Assessment

Immediately following testing, each pupil will receive a voucher for one free diving lesson, with DuDive at Hamdan Sports Complex. A small number of children will be given a letter inviting them to attend Phase 2 (which will be a fantastic achievement!). This is a second, more sports specific session of diving activities taking place independent of your school. The session will be free, taking place at Hamdan Sports Complex and will require no input from the School.


Following the Phase 2 session, a number of children will be invited to form the DuDive TID Squad, with the aim of reaching international success in the future. We will write to inform you on which children have been selected for the squads and look forward to updating you with their success in the future.

What happens next?

We hope you choose to give this unique opportunity to the children at your school. To book your slot please phone Nigel Mills on +971 (0) 52 189 9777, or alternatively email

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