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Recent News

Keep up to date with news and events at DuDive. Check back regularly for more news and events!

DuDive Newsletter: 

Find out what our divers got up to in the first term of the 2023-2024 season. Find out the BREAKING NEWS! Our Divers are determined for the upcoming season and competitions..

Our Divers are competing in the upcoming Irish Open Championships in November 30th-3rd of December

DuDive Squad List Travelling:

Phoenix Victory Hopkins

Jasmine Bruce

Afia Blessing

Zara Schneider 

Zade Malas

James Stewart

Mila Ford

Sophia Violet Joyner

Kristthor Bjarni Andrason



Breaking News: 


In the month of November, we welcome back our friends from the French National Team for their upcoming training camp in the Hamdan Sports Complex

Bienvenue a DuDive!

Talent Identification Testing:

Talent Identification Testing Period is underway! Dudive has visited schools over the months of September to November.

Schools Such as:

Nord Anglia Primary School

Gems Wellington Silicon Oasis

Ranches Primary School

Kent College Primary School

November Newcomers...



We welcome the National German Team for their training camp in our fantastic facility. 

Willkommen bei DuDive!


Armada Cup Results: 

Phoenix Victory Hopkins:

3m Age Group C: 2nd place

Platform Age Group C: 3rd Place

1m Age group C: 6th Place

Afia Blessing:

1m Age Group C: 5th Place

3m Springboard: 5th Place

Platform Age Group C: 15th Place

Zara Schneider: 

Age Group B 1m: 16th Place

Age Group B Platform: 8th Place

Age Group B 3m: 19th Place

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