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Sponsorship Opportunities


International Competitions:

DuDive is looking for help to support our ever growing number of squad divers to reach new heights!


DuDive needs sponsorship to assist our squad divers attending international competitions. As the only diving club in the UAE, DuDive is looking to increase the number of children able to attend diving competitions and training camps abroad by subsidising club trips through sponsorship opportunities.


Sponsorship Interest

DuDive has an ever increasing database of engaged customers, maintaining a hugely positive relationship; 99% of our customers state that ‘they would’ or ‘already do’ recommend DuDive to their friends.


Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages


  • Platinum Sponsorship                                           70,000AED per year

  • Gold Sponsorship                                                  50,000AED per year   

  • Silver Sponsorship                                                20,000AED per year  

  • Bronze Sponsorship                                              10,000AED per year  

  • Event Sponsorship                                                 20,000AED per year



Tom Roberts

M: +971 (0) 52 189 9777


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