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Team Training Camps

Looking to run an international training camp? Why not come and train with us in Dubai. With world class facilities, amazing weather and some of the best tourist attractions in the world, why go anywhere else? 


We would love to have you as our guests. Contact Tom, to see how we can host your team at our training facilities in Dubai.  

Dudive Dryland Area

  • The Dive Gym is located upstairs and includes:

  • 3 x Dryboards to mats

  • 3 x trampoline, 1 with rig

  • Air tumble track

  • Somersault blocks

  • Strength and conditioning equipment

  • Video Replay


Our pool facility

We are located in the Hamdan Sports Complex, home to aquatic sports in Dubai. The Hamdan Sports Complex is one of the largest indoor sports facility in the middle east. The facility includes 2 diving pools and a top of the range dry land area for divers.

The facility has been visited by many countries for training camps in the year of 2023, including France and German national teams.

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