Term Schedule

At DuDive we operate in 3 terms inline with the Schools. As well as operating regular lesson DuDive runs holiday camps through all school holidays! 

  • Term 1         August 29th - December 11th  2021           

Each term, DuDive releases a Term Schedule, this outlines important dates for the diary over the coming term. When you sign up for lessons, make sure you take note of any upcoming events that effect your child's lessons.


We will always aim to send out reminders regarding anything you need to be aware of, so don't forget to check your emails regularly!

Term 1 
Aug 29th - Dec 11th 

Version 1

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* Half term will be week 8. NB. Regular lessons will continue in this week. 

* Christmas Camps Camps will run from 12th December - 30th December. NB Regular lessons will not run during this time. 


DuDive offers diving lessons for all ages. We hold diving lessons for children from 4 years and up, with the ability to swim in deep water.


DuDive also offers adult diving lessons because we believe there should be no age limit on when you can learn something new!


Pay N Play runs every Saturday from 12.00 - 12.55. Pay N Play is a great chance to play on the boards with expert guidance.


Book on, turn up, pay and play!


DuDive runs the only diving holiday camps in Dubai. Our childrens holiday camps run throughout all school holidays. 


The DuDive holiday camps provide a great introduction to diving. The camps run for 2 hours, Sunday to Wednesday. 


DuDive offers classes for children age 3 and up! 

Tumble-Tots classes are gym based lessons that intorduce children to shapes, movements and skills for basic diving.