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Meet the Coaches

We know at DuDive, to make great divers, you first need great coaches. We strongly believe that this starts at the grass roots. Between us, we have over a centuries worth of experience in the sport of diving, and do you know why we do it? Because we love it!

Tom Roberts

DuDive Managing Director

Tom founded DuDive after moving to Dubai in January 2012. After a career as an elite level gymnast he transferred to the sport of diving due to a series of injuries and was quickly persuaded to get involved in teaching the sport. Alongside the diving, Tom launched and ran a Free Running Gymnastics Club in the Rhonda Valley. The Free Running Gymnastics Club was tasked with the main aim of getting young people off the streets and using their talents in a safe environment.


Once taking the decision to move on to his next project in Dubai, he quickly saw the opportunity for the sport of diving at the Hamdan Sports Complex and recognised it as the perfect accompaniment to his work assisting the teaching of elite gymnastics with DuGym. His main goal in life is to provide the best opportunities to everyone in the sports and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Franko Basler

Assistant Head Diving Coach

Franko, former Croatian diving representative, started diving when he was just 7 years old. After a long, and still active diving career, He started working as a coach and the joined the DuDive team. He specialises in strength and conditioning, witholding a level 2 certificate from LEN school for coaches.

Franko loves working with kids and with senior athletes, sharing his knowledge and experience. Franko's Goals, are to continue to work hard in all aspects and to create new talent which may become future athletes to compete at the Olympics and other major events.






Ryan Kestell

Senior Diving Coach

A competitive athlete in multiple sports with a strong urge to aid and support other athletes. Ryan began his journey in Gymnastics at a young age of 8 years old, in the country of the Republic Of Ireland. Ryan quickly became an enthusiast  and had a passion to study the art and crafts of Diving.


A widely experienced coach within the sport of Diving, coaching competitive athletes and recreational athletes, to develop a vision to enable the athlete to become the best they can. Ryan has previously coached  at multiple diving events around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Ryan completed the Swim Ireland Level 2 Diving Qualification. An excess of Modules and Assessments were completed as a pathway to become the coach he is today. Ryan Also witholds a degree in sports Management and Coaching.

Ryans passion is to provide an experience of a lifetime to newcomer's to the sport and is to identify the component of talent, maximising an athletes potential to become the best version of themselves. 


Zac Pollard 

Junior Diving Coach

Zac started diving at the age of 5 years old with DuDive, competing and training for 9 years. Zac competed in several competitions throughout his time including club competitions in the Hamdan Sports Complex, as well as GB Junior Elite competitions and the Australian Diving Championships.

After taking time away from the sport, Zac became one of our many Junior coaches, Zac is intrigued by growing as a coach on poolside and enjoys providing a fun but educated sessions to provide a pathway for younger kids like he was when first starting in DuDive.

Zac mentions, "Diving will always be a part of his life and sporting journey".


DuDive offers diving lessons for all ages. We hold diving lessons for children from 4 years and up, with the ability to swim in deep water.


DuDive also offers adult diving lessons because we believe there should be no age limit on when you can learn something new!


Pay N Play runs every Friday from 18:00=19:00. Pay N Play is a great chance to play on the boards with expert guidance.


Book on, turn up, pay and play!

HOLIDAY CAMPS IN DUBAI, summer camps, winter camps, hamdan sports complex

DuDive runs the only diving holiday camps in Dubai. Our childrens holiday camps run throughout all school holidays. 


The DuDive holiday camps provide a great introduction to diving. The camps run for 2 hours, Sunday to Wednesday. 

divegym poster.jpg

 We run gymnastics for kids up to 8 years. Our gymnastics sessions provide the basic skills preparing your little ones to excel in the pool!


Classes will run for an hour at a cost of 80 AED.!



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