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In Dubai there are tons of opportunities for children; sports clubs, holiday camps, childrens activities and after school activities, but at DuDive we reckon we offer one of the coolest children's activities going!


DuDive is the UAE's only springboard and highboard diving club. We offer diving lessons, for all ages and abilities. The only requirement is that you are confident in deep water. If you are a little older, have no fear! DuDive also offers adult diving lessons. 


There are loads of ways to get involved with DuDive, from summer holiday camps, half term holiday camps, term lessons, privates and more. Check out below for what's going on at DuDive and see how you can get involved in the awesome sport of diving.




Our diving lessons run six days a week so there's definitely a lesson that fits your schedule. 


All lessons work towards termly assessments to ensure fast progress in the sport of diving.


DuDive runs the only diving holiday camps in Dubai. Our childrens holiday camps run throughout all school holidays. 


The DuDive holiday camps provide a great introduction to diving. The camps run for 2 hours, Sunday to Wednesday. 


Looking for an awesome sport to introduce to your school? 


DuDive offers enrichment lessons, PE lessons and extra-curriculer activities, both at your school and at the world class Hamdan Sports Complex.



With DuDive's diver development pathway, we take divers from their first jump in the pool, right through to international competition.


Are you an experienced diver? Find the right training  and facilities at DuDive.


Do you want intensive lessons for diving? 


DuDive offers private diving lessons to fit your busy schedule. 


Individual and group bookings available!


Looking for a great birthday party idea? DuDive's children's birthday parties are a blast, and a great way to show your skills to your friends!


With different packages available, We have a package to help celebrate in style.


Can't swim? Don't worry! We run gymnastics for toddlers. Our gymnastics sessions provide the basic skills preparing your little ones to excel in the pool!


Classes are small and parents can get involved too!


Pay N Play runs every Saturday from 12.00 - 12.55. Pay N Play is a great chance to play on the boards with expert guidance.


Book on, turn up, pay and play!


The purpose built dry gym means that our divers get the best training both in and out of the pool. 


With dryboards, trampoline, a harness and replay systems. Training at DuDive has never been so good!


Do you have what it takes to be a world class diver?


We identify divers with a natural talent and samatotype for diving. Succesful divers are invited to join our Little Stars training squad. Have what it takes? Get in touch!

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