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Skill Clinics

Struggling with certain skills to pass your assessment?

DuDive's Skill Clinics are focused sessions run by our Senior Coaches to help you target the skills required to move through a particular class level. 

Clinics run with small groups, a maximum of four divers to ensure focused time and a tailored session to suit the divers particular needs. Clinics run through the school holidays.

Check out below to see when the next Skill Clinics will be running!

Skill Clinics Feb.png
Clinic Days and Times

Clinic Time                                         TBC

Clinic Days                                          TBC

Clinic Cost

2 Hour Clinic Rate                              TBC

Updated 10th February

The DuDive Clinics are being reviewed and will be confirmed when available. 

The clinics  target specific skills that have been identified to assist divers with their development through the DuDive assessment levels. 

DuDive Clinics work on a maximum of 1:4 diver teacher ratio, and are run by DuDive's Senior coaches. \

Sunday:  Back Circle, Back Dive, Back Fall

Monday: Back Fall 3m, Back Tuck Roll 3m

Tuesday: Forward Dive Tucked and Somersault

Wednesday: Back Circle, Back Dive, Back Fall

Thursday: Inward Pike Wedge, Inward Dive

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