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To make sure all of our lessons are run in a safe and fun environment, when signing up for any of our services you agree to the Terms and Conditions laid out below. 

Prices and Fees

DuDive offers a third child discount, which is calculated at 25% on the third child.


The term of lessons are to be paid for, in full, on or before the first day of any term of lessons. Fees not paid on time will be subject to a late payment fee at the discretion of the club. 


For participants joining part way through a term, the cost of the term will be calculated by the number of lessons remaining in the term.

Fees payed comprise 30% administration and business costs and 70% tuition fee. Upon commencement of tuition, should a refund be requested 4 weeks of training will be forfeited and only the tuition fee will be refundable on a pro-rata basis on the remaining number of lessons in the term.



All participants in DuDive lessons must be a registered member of the club.


The annual membership fee will be calculated at the point of joining the club; Term 1, 300AED; Term 2, 200AED; Term 3, 100AED. The third child will be free. 

Membership Fees are none refundable.

Terms of Service

By attending DuDive diving lessons you agree to the terms and conditions laid out below.


As part of attending DuDive lessons, participants may be involved in other diving related activities such as trampolining, gymnastics, and ballet.


Participants must recognise that diving and related activities are of high risk, participants must therefore accept full responsibility for any injury or illness incurred as part of DuDive lessons.

DuDive will assume responsibility for the well-being of any diver at the commencement of their lesson, until the end of that lesson. It is the parents responsibility to ensure the safety of your child until the commencement of their lesson and to meet your child promptly at the end of their lesson at the communicated meet point.


Once payment has been made, refunds will not be offered. If a participant is no longer able to attend their requested lesson, DuDive will do their upmost to offer alternative lesson times.


DuDive withholds the right to change the pool or venue in which lessons take place at any time.


DuDive withholds the right to change the level of the lesson to suit the participant’s ability at any time.


DuDive withholds the right to change the structure of the lesson and the skills required to participate at the different levels at any time.


DuDive withholds the right to cancel lessons at any time, in which case a choice of alternative lesson times will be given at minimum of the same length of time and level as the cancelled class.


Missed Lessons

In case of a missed lesson due to sickness, DuDive must be notified prior to the commencement of the lesson and a doctor’s note must be provided; in which case DuDive will offer to provide a make-up lesson within that term of lessons.


Any missed lessons, without prior notification will be forfeited.

Make up sessions or credits not taken within 12 months after payment will be forfeited and not refundable or remain active.


Holiday Camps

Any holiday camp space booked are to be paid for, in full, on or before the first day of the camp.


In case of a missed camp due to sickness, DuDive must be notified prior to the commencement of the camp and a doctor’s note must be provided; in which case DuDive will offer to provide a make-up camp within that holiday period.


Any missed camps, without prior notification or doctor’s note will be charged in full. 

Camps cannot be transferred between divers. 

Camp week bookings must be taken within a calendar week (Monday-Friday).

Cancellations must be made with twenty four hours notice, any cancellations made with less than twenty four hours notice will still be charged. Any pre-paid days of camp will be forfeited. 

To avail any booking discounts, this must be paid in full and booked prior to taking the first class.

Any camp days missed within a week or not availed by the end of that period of holiday camps will be forfeited.

DuDive reserves the right to refuse participation for any child without a reservation.


Physical Contact

Aspects of our teaching require a “hands on” technique. This type of physical contact between coaches and divers will only be used in full view of the balcony and the lessons participants and will only be used for the following reasons:


  • Where it is essential to support the diver during the early stages of learning a skill for safety reason

  • To develop the skill & technique (e.g. placing the diver in the correct position/posture)

  • To prevent an injury (e.g. pushing them away from the poolside if, during the process of the dive the coach considers them to be too close to the poolside)

  • To treat an injury (only relates to staff who are first aid qualified)


​Please let us know on joining the diving scheme, if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of this teaching/coaching technique.


Photography and Video

Use of video, zoom, general photography and mobile phone cameras are prohibited to members of the public unless specific permission is given by the Pool Manager prior to an event or lesson. We also request that NO flash photography takes places during any of the lessons or training sessions.


The Diving Development Scheme may use cameras and video recording equipment to help coaches analyse techniques and to help promote the club. These photographs may on occasion be used as marketing material.


DuDive withholds the right to photograph and publish images as they see fit of all people enrolled in the lesson program. Any person wishing to refuse this permission must do so in writing to


Parents Agreement

To ensure smooth and effective running of the lessons, parents/guardians are expected to not communicate with their child unless in an emergency as this can disrupt the class for all participants.


Parents/guardians are not to be on poolside during lesson times unless pre-arranged and agreed by the teaching/coaching team and pool management prior to the lesson.


Parents are expected to bring their child on-time in the correct clothing to every lesson.


Please report any health issues or medications you/your child require to your teacher at the beginning of the lesson.


Anyone wanting to talk to the diving teachers please do not approach them during lesson time. To discuss any aspects of the lesson or your child’s progress please contact either Franko Basler ( or Tom Roberts (


Divers Agreement

Divers will be polite and courteous to each other and all members of centre in and around the centre.


Divers are expected to walk on and around the poolside and on the steps up to the diving boards, as they become very slippery when wet.


Divers must not jump off the diving boards until the coach has told them to do so.


Only one person is to stand on the springboard or the end of the diving platform at any one time.


As the diver enters the water they are to exit the pool by swimming directly back underneath the diving board.


Health and Safety

All participants in the diving lesson must be able to confidently swim 25m; this will be assessed at the beginning of the first lesson. Any participant who the coach deems unsafe will not be allowed to participate in the lesson.


Failure to abide by any of the above agreement may lead to the exclusion of the diver for the remainder of the lesson.

Terms & Conditions

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