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The DuDive Mission

DuDive will provide the necessary training, facilities, and opportunities to allow all children and adults to maximise their potential within diving. DuDive strives for continual development to give a fun, friendly, and professional environment in which children and parents can explore a new sport to improve their self-confidence, personal development, and self-awareness.


At DuDive we aim to:

  • Create a sports club which provides a supportive and cooperative network of parents, divers, and coaches to ensure opportunities for all divers can be obtained

  • Maintain a route of continual development to always offer the best opportunities for our divers

  • Provide professional and positive role models for younger divers

  • Develop a positive attitude and a strong work ethic which emphasizes the values of determination, discipline, hard work, and perseverance in achieving success

  • Provide professional, safe, and quality coaching environment for all children wishing to explore the sport of diving

  • Promote a culture of responsibility and team commitment in which team members have a healthy respect for themselves, their teammates, coaches, and the team as a whole

  • Promote and grow competitive diving in the UAE through local and international partnerships

  • Provide an exciting and supportive environment for all who wish to explore the sport of diving

  • Offer opportunities to our members to maximise their potential in diving

Learn to Dive in Dubai

DuDive offers diving lessons for all ages. We hold diving lessons for children from 4 years and up, with the ability to swim in deep water.


DuDive also offers adult diving lessons because we believe there should be no age limit on when you can learn something new!

Whats on Dubai. Weekend activity

Pay N Play runs every Saturday from 12.00 - 12.55. Pay N Play is a great chance to play on the boards with expert guidance.


Book on, turn up, pay and play!

Holiday Camps Dubai, Summer Camps, Winter Camps, half Term Camps. Dubai

DuDive runs the only diving holiday camps in Dubai. Our childrens holiday camps run throughout all school holidays. 


The DuDive holiday camps provide a great introduction to diving. The camps run for 2 hours, Sunday to Wednesday. 

Gymnastics in Dubai. Tumble-Tots. Toddler Gymnastics Dubai

DuDive offers classes for children age 3 and up! 

Tumble-Tots classes are gym based lessons that introduce children to shapes, movements and skills for basic diving. 



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