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Olympian Max Bouchard

Max Reflects on Summer Camps and Tokyo 2020

As far as I remember, me and my friends at school would count the months, days and hours down to summer holiday camps!  It was a time to meet new friends out of school, learn a new skill and return to school with a whole hobby that we couldn’t wait to show off.  

Diving was of course the holiday camp I spent every summer doing growing up, it was something that helped me push and work hard for eventually getting to the Olympics years later in my adult life. 

Diving camps involve so many skills, improving posture, physical balance, mental concentration and a gift that all kids need to know, if you don’t succeed you need to try and try again.  Diving improves with repetition and concentration, and I find with my kids I train the “never give up” attitude which helps impact their school and family life when they finish. 

Being able to inspire a new generation of divers is something that has always been at the forefront of my goals.  I am an Olympian, and having these amazing kids to teach and inspire is priceless. 

I have 2 months before the next Olympic cycle begins and my eyes are firmly focused on Tokyo 2020, in these 2 months I want to teach your kids that no matter how hard or how impossible something may seem, patience, practice and determination will always get you there!







1st August 2017

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