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National Age Groups 2016

ASA National Age Groups 2016

In July 2016, DuDive sent a team of divers to the ASA British National Age Group Diving Championships, Sheffield, England. 

This was the most successful event yet for DuDive. The DuDive team consisted of seven divers competing in twenty events! 

The divers representing DuDive; Dexter Spree (Group C Boys), Ross Beattie (Group A Boys), Charlie Pollard (Group D Boys), Danielle Guerin (Group D Girls), Olivia Pollard (Group C Girls), Martin Nielsen (Group B Boys), Jamie Cohen (Group D Boys),

All divers made major improvements on the previous years results with more complex dives and improved consistency. 

The stand out results for the event were; Ross Beattie, Gold Boys A Platform, Bronze Boys A 1m. Martin Nielsen, 5th Boys B Platform.  Charlie Pollard, 9th Boys D Platform. 

It was fantastic to see DuDive, such a young club, making a mark on the junior national diving scene in the UK. We look forward to sending an even bigger and more experienced team next year!

4th October 2016

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